An Education in Science


The Science of Carbon

There are many elements on the periodic table, but only carbon is associated with biology. It is the one element necessary for life on earth, and it is a massive undertaking for students just beginning to study the sciences. Learning about biology begins with the science of carbon and how it combines with other elements to create living flora and fauna. As students progress in their study, they will find this may be the least complex part of their biology classes.

The complex biosphere of earth contains millions of living creatures and plants, and many of them interact or depend upon each other for survival. Learning the basics begins with the study of how plants and animals are classified, and the complexities add up quickly. Those gifted in this area of science tend to find it easy enough, but many students have suffered and studied long hours to get through even the basic courses.

Science is often referred to as a logical system, and it applies to biology. Each part of any large system is defined, and it can be equated to the study of mathematics. Students must learn the basics of each system and how to define it before they can successfully delve further into the knowledge of living things. Learning and remembering all of this is often a trial for those with little interest beyond getting a passing grade, but taking the time to truly learn will help with future required classes.

The study of biological systems is important for understanding the basic environmental requirements for healthy human living conditions, so it is one of the reasons students must study it. Learning how to live within and care for any ecosystem is important, and ensuring future success of the human species may depend upon students learning to respect the complexity of the planet’s living interactions.